Saturday, August 24, 2013

Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Fails at Life

Okay folks, I have been completing some of the Zelda games, and my sister said it was time for Skyward Sword. I was okay with that and began playing. I'm a bit at a disadvantage as I am a lefty, but even with my awkward flying, my spastic swordsmanship, and absolute craptastic strategic falling it still has been a fun game. Both of my sisters enjoyed playing and never had an issue so it was safe for me to assume that I'd have no problems either. Ha! WRONG! What happened? He did.

I have unfortunately found a glitch in the game. When trying to get the different parts of the Hero's Song I decided to go to the forest first. However, upon seeing it was blocked I assumed there was an order to where I had to go and so headed for the desert. That's where I met him again. His name is Golo, a fine chap unless you talk to him more than once. I did that and as a result the dragon sequences wouldn't start. I only found out about the game killing glitch after I set it off, and I only had one save slot where I had already saved over my progress with the glitched progress. So the end result? I have to start... ALL...OVER...AGAIN. Of course by now there is a patch, but in order to get it you have to have your wii connected to the internet, of which ours is not nor ever will be.

So yeah... all that fighting... all that treasure hunting... almost getting the demon human... gone. All gone! And all because of one, little Goron. I'm going to restart it now. As an upside, I can work the controls better! Downside? Besides having to go through everything again? As a lefty the accidental bombing issue before you get the bomb bag is a LOT worse. Well... wish me luck. :(

Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Whole New World... Or Blog

Well folks, it's a whole new world... I mean blog. I had a previous one, but never posted on it very much. For some reason it left me feeling constricted, like I had to talk about specific things or ELSE! It wasn't doing me any good. So I decided to make a new one, and here it is! TA DA! *throws confetti and glitter*