Friday, September 6, 2013

Being Productive!

Today I did two major things that I've been holding off on. Yay productivity! The first was repainting a painting that was painted over a piece of art that I bought for my older sister many eons ago. It goes like this, some time ago my older sister said she wanted to paint over 2 of her run of the mill from Walmart pieces of art. They were nice in their prime, but now were chipped, and didn't really click with her style anymore so I understood why she wanted to do this. Me being the painter in the family she asked if I would tote my stuff over to her place, and there she and I would repaint the pieces of art. As payment for my materials she'd let me keep the one I did.

However, I wasn't exactly thrilled with what I'd made in the end. It was cool enough, and people really liked it, but I wasn't happy with it. So about a week later I tried to do something else with it and painted over it. Things... didn't go well. So I re-primed the sucker and left it alone. Until today. Today I decided to work on it. I also decided that I'd make a painting where I didn't have as much control over the end result as I usually do. It was fun and I really like the end result. I did not, however, enjoy having to scrub the excess paint off the cement (as I decided to paint outside).

The second thing I did was finish sanding my end table. Let's step back a few months to explain the end table. A neighbor of ours two doors over was moving out and was getting rid of an end table. They had set it out to the curb a few hours earlier, and when my family and I were walking our dog we saw it. My mom and sister didn't really give it a second glance but I wanted it. So after asking the neighbors about it (just to make sure they were really getting rid of it and not selling it or something) my little sister and I brought it into our garage.

Once I told my big sis about it and said that I wanted to re-stain it she got all excited and helped my obtain the materials I needed to do the job. Well today I finally finished sanding the beast. At least the initial sanding. I'm not sure if more is needed or not. I'm waiting for my sister to get here so I can ask her what my next step is. Regardless I'm happy with the amount of progress I've made.

No pictures of either project yet (getting out my bulky camera is a pain and I'm being lazy right now) so instead I've leave you with this octopus.

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  1. That side table is going to look awesome... but the octopus is judging me.