Friday, November 8, 2013

Seven Deadly Sins: SLOTH

Sloth is apathy that results in neglect of the physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual needs of a person. It is often thought of as laziness, as the person is in someway failing to do what they need to, but can also be thought of as dejection, or a loss of interest in life. This sin was originally two separate sins, with Acadia representing the apathetic listlessness. However, the two were joined since they shared commonalities.

I find Sloth to be a very dangerous sin. As with the other sins it too can bring someone to the point of death, however it does not operate in the same way the others do to bring about death. All of the other sins deal with action of some sort, whereas Sloth deals with inaction. That inaction is a slippery slope. It can seem comforting at first, but overtime it can become confining, and then defining. You get stuck in the pattern, and it is a very difficult cycle to break.

Diligence is the heavenly virtue that breaks that cycle. It is persistence, fortitude, not giving up, and holding true to your own ethics. It is putting effort into things, into life, and doing the work that is needed to be done.

This is my number one sin. I have at some time or another had it in all four aspects of life mentioned above. It's been a big issue, especially since this sin plays into my personality type. I am a type nine in the Enneagram. Nines like peace and are generally laid back, but as a consequence can easily become neglectful of themselves and instead focus on everyone else. I do this... a lot. In the past my main motivation in life was doing for others. I was very apathetic towards myself, and not very interested in developing myself at all. I am doing better in this, but still fall into the pit of old habits. I hope that with time and effort I can eventually beat it. The key is to keep trying, and to never ever give up.

So that's it for the Seven Deadly Sins. What did you think about Sloth? Is it one of your problem sins, or are you pretty good about it? Also, as a whole what are your feelings on the sins? On the entire segment? Where does each sin rank for you? I'd like to know so please leave your thoughts in the comments.


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