Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Today my mother, younger sister, and I made plans to go to a store called Earth Lore. It's a really neat shop that has metaphysical stuff along with a lot of other nifty stuff. There is a cat there that roams the shop. Usually he's a tad antisocial, but today he came right up to me and demanded pets! It was adorable.

While there I picked up some herbs (some powdered, which make for excellent paint pigments), and had my eye on a set of wind chimes for our new place. Sadly the chimes there were a tad outside my price range. However, while in the store I came across something unexpected. It was a basket full of hand woven brightly colored bracelets! After staring at the wonderful array of prettiness I had a sudden vision of myself having several of them. Not as bracelets though, but as hair accessories. I asked my sister what she thought of the idea, and she liked it- even got one for herself to use. I, myself, ended up getting nine of them.

After there we went to eat. We got subs, and then after that went into two nearby candy stores, and a tea shop. The first candy store had a fifty-four inch gummy worm (they called it a boa instead though because of how large it was)! We did not purchase said gummy boa, but instead got giant pixie stix, and a few other items.

The tea shop was a lot more fun. They had all kinds of tea, and tea related items. One thing in particular that I found neat was they had princess teas. There was one for Sleeping Beauty, one for Snow White, and one for Cinderella. You could smell them and oddly enough the scents reminded me of said movies. It was really interesting. In the end I bought a gift for someone there.

After we left that area we ended up going to Lowes to look at riding lawn mowers. We didn't get one, but got a guide so we can do more research. We also got some plants: one for my room, one for my sisters room, and one that was on sale that my mom wants to rehabilitate. We also found a wind chime that is lovely and was the right price.

We'd only planned on going to one store today, but I'm glad we decided to go adventuring a little bit. We spent most of the day out, and it was a lot of fun. I hope we can go on more adventures in the near future.

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