Sunday, April 20, 2014

Are You Kidding Me?

Yes, I know this is a fictitious work. I made it. -___-
Does the above argument sound ridiculous to you? It does to me. Yet someone was trying to make this kind of argument earlier. No, not about Skittles. About pants. That's right, pants.

There's a new type of jeans out there that show rainbow threads when they start to wear down. They've been labeled as "gay jeans", and so folks are kicking up a fuss. Saying that the brand shouldn't sell to such a small market as they won't keep in business. As if that wasn't bad enough, then people started going on about what a rainbow means in the bible and that it is something sacred, and that it needs to be "taken back".

This isn't okay people. They're jeans. It's rainbow. You are not the only people who need to wear clothes. Nor are you the only people who have the right to appreciate colorful things. There is no "taking back" of anything in this. People are allowed to like rainbows. They're allowed to incorporate them into their everyday life. Regardless of whether or not their straight, gay, bi, trans, pan, not interested, or somewhere in between. 

You aren't being harmed by this. You won't go to hell because of a pair of pants (though you should be careful if they're a mixed blend of materials). Just because a group associates with rainbow colors doesn't mean you cannot enjoy said colors. You have the right to enjoy them. BUT SO DOES EVERYONE ELSE.

I'm tired of the hatred. It's getting downright dumb. It's been dumb for quite some time. So the next time you see something that's aimed towards some other group other than straight people (which doesn't actually exclude you, it just means you weren't the main objective) try and look at it objectively. Is it really something you should get offended by? Truly? Or are they just Skittles?

Think about it.


  1. Kim, that poster is a joke. It isn't really asking people to boycott skittles

    1. ...You didn't read the whole post did you? I know the poster is a joke. I made it. I made the joke. -__-

  2. I really want those pants now. They would be awesome.

    1. They are neat looking. Yet so many people were fussing. I don't get it.