Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Seven Deadly Sins: ENVY

Now most of us have heard the phrase "green with Envy", but what is envy exactly? Envy is a resentment, one that occurs when someone lacks another person's quality, achievement, or possession and wishes that they could have it instead. At least, that's the most traditional way of looking at it. Nowadays in psychology there is thought to be two types of envy: a malicious one and a mild one. 

The malicious version is where you want what the other person has, exactly what they have, and that they will no longer have it. Imagine a kid taking away another child's toy. However, the other version is where you want to have what that person has, but don't wish to take it from that person. That would be like seeing the toy and then going and asking your parents to buy it for you.

Envy is rather rampant in today's society, and is fought off by the virtue of Kindness. The kind of kindness that brings about charity, compassion, empathy, and friendship. So if you usually have a positive outlook on life and are cheerful you are far less likely to fall victim to this sin.

I consider this to be my least of the seven deadly sins because I tend to have the demeanor above. I prefer to share, and enjoy things together rather than to lord over others. The one area where I feel I fall short is achievements due to the fact that they can make me competitive. While competition is not necessarily a bad thing, it can lead you to bad places if you're not careful. Thankfully this doesn't happen that often to me though, so for the most part I can rest easy.

So how do you relate with Envy? Do you struggle with it a bit more than I do? Or is it not a big one for you? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.



  1. I think I might be more envious than you, but then again, you're just a ball of sparkles.

  2. Sometimes I can be envious but not often. Where I fall short is using others to compare to myself. It isn't exactly envy, but I think it might be sort of related to it.